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All too often, the founding stories of digital marketing agencies start with clunky ‘mission statements’, and about us pages packed with acronyms that you’d need a PhD to understand.

You won’t get any of that here. Not that we judge of course; but it’s just not our style.

The story of Webb Marketing Services actually starts in a hotel that could have done with a bit more business - as well as a hospitality manager who was left to think of a solution, with nothing more than a laptop and his trusty imagination.

Now, we’re going all the way back to 2008. Bang in the middle of a recession where social media and digital marketing hadn’t been explored to its fullest potential.

However; our Craig knew that guests, customers, and people who wanted to spend money on incredible experiences were out there somewhere; and it was up to him to find them, and start meaningful conversations.  The trouble was, he didn’t have the money for ‘traditional’ marketing collateral such as glossy magazine features or double-sided flyers. He needed a solution that would cost him as little money as possible.

So, with no prior experience and plenty of enthusiasm, Craig set up a Facebook page for the hotel he was working at. This alone was an unconventional move, as businesses rarely advertised on Facebook back then - especially businesses from the hotel sector.

But Craig’s intuition paid off. With every post, share, and analytic, the hospitality professional learnt more and more - and that’s when a love for digital marketing (and the outstanding power of it) was born.

Since the epic adventure of 2008, Craig has gotten to know digital marketing like the back of his hand. Rather than just being a “techie expert”, he understands the real pains and problems of business owners just like you - because he’s been there himself. He now works with a brilliant team of developers and content creators to help grow the digital presence of brands and make them actually convert into sales.

Hey, it might not be a story that’ll change the world - but surely it’s good enough to trust a professional who’s been where you are, right now?

Yes? We thought so…

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Why Choose Us

When it comes to social media we realise that sometimes unexpected things happen that need posting and announcing on your social media feeds with urgency. We are here to react to that. We also understand that to really do your digital marketing well, we need to understand your message, your vibe and who your target audience is. As a small team, we are able to operate for you as an employee would.
Between us, we have many years of digital marketing experience, in fact, we have been doing it in hospitality since 2008. But we realise times change, and we keep up with the trends, algorithms, and industry news, so you don't have to.
As a small agency, we can't be an expert at everything- some tasks require a specialist in their field. But we know just the people, whether you need Photography, Professional Copywriting, Public Relations, Website Design & Build, we know just the people and will work with them on your behalf to deliver your goals.
Craig Webb, Webb Marketing, Bicester

We know some awesome people who can help your business.....

We know some awesome people who can help your business.....


Neely Khan from 'Neely There' can cover your professional copywriting needs. A skill in itself to turn your product or service into a story that speaks directly to your ideal clients. Neely is a specialist in copywriting for the hospitality industry.

Press, PR and Journalists

Tanya Aspinwall is a Warwickshire based PR Consultant providing cost-effective PR services specialising in the hospitality, leisure and tourism sectors. As well as offering PR services, Tanya specialises in organising high profile press reviews for hotels in a wide variety of quality publications including major regional & national newspapers, travel, lifestyle and consumer magazines/websites.

Brand Design

Imogen Sandbach creates unforgettable brand experiences for the hospitality industry with her strategic approach to bespoke branding, to give a consistent look and brand message throughout the customer journey.