Using Facebook to grow your audience

Facebook Competitions

Many of the tools and tactics we can use to grow your audience have been done before.

Facebook is an obvious one, but remember when using a platform that is not your own, you need to play by its rules.

Facebook competitions are a great example of this, and if you use it incorrectly they can kick you off, close your account and you will lose your audience that you could have spent 10 years building.  All because you didn't follow their guidelines.

Let us take control of your Facebook page for a couple of weeks to launch a competition.....properly.  Not just to grow your followers (that is just vanity numbers), you want a following of engaged like-minded people, who want to buy your product it service.

Take Crofters Larder on the Isle of Arran.  With their permission, we set up a new business Facebook Page and targeted a new audience via a competition to win a hamper.  Within a week, they had over 1000 new followers and the post had reached over 13000 people- and that was from a zero base.  Check out the image above of the statistics for the week.