Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing services



Ever tried providing answers to questions that you never even know existed? It seems bizarre, right? That’s why before creating content for your social media posts and blogs etc, we need to research what words and questions your target audience is typing into their search engines. Then, we ensure that these words and questions naturally appear in your copy so that your website link pops up like a firework when your target client searches Google et al. It’s like digital magic! We give Google the copy it needs; they give us juicy leads.

The same goes for your competitors.  What keywords are they ranking for, and how can we outrank them?  With a little research we can find out, and then create better content for your website.



Ideally, we want to communicate with your target audience as if we’re chatting to them over a cup of coffee. This is why we need to nail your ‘Perfect Customer’ profile, or otherwise known as your ICA (Ideal Customer Avatar). Whatever term you prefer, it’s important that we know your consumers’ likes and dislikes, their gender, their lifestyle, what books they read, and what brands make them happy (and so on). Then, we cater to their preferences in all our digital marketing activity - it’s smiles all round.



Most businesses know they need a website, so they get one built, fill it with nice pictures, words and content, then never look at it again.  Sound familiar?  Yep, I have been guilty of this too.  But websites need maintenance, links break, images are too large, text is out of date, Google has done another algorithm update.  For all of these reasons your website needs regular maintenance.  In doing so we keep it fresh, with new content for Google to crawl



Social Media

Tired of using a scattergun approach and getting no results? We’ll figure out which platform yields the best results from your audience - and get working!

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Digital Marketing

It is everything about your online presence. Creating your digital footprint, and becoming a figure of authority in your niche to your chosen audience.

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Is your website getting seen by your ideal clients? That’s essentially what SEO is - and it can get major results. Leave this in our capable hands; we’ll make it as easy and as jargon-free as possible for you.

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We have some awesome features to rank your business

We have some awesome features to rank your business

Paid Search result

You set the ad spend and we get you the best return, via Facebook or Google Ads. It is a bit of an art in itself but the results can be amazing.

Link Building

Link building is just one tactic used to build your websites domain authority. It takes a bit of time and patience, but each one is a little boost to your ranking and more potential visitors to your website.

Google Analytics

By setting up your Google Analytics account you get insight into what terms people use to find you, what pages of your website they visit, where they clicked through from and how long they spend there. This helps build a picture of what is working and what is not.