Digital Marketing

finding customers in a digital world

Let's say you want to reach more people online.  It is a bit like catching raindrops, the more funnels you open the more you will catch.

But again, it is a scattergun approach - and you can't be everywhere all of the time.

By researching where your customers are hanging out, what terminology they use online, you can target 'just' the right people- your ideal clients.  

Ultimately it comes back to these things: are you answering the question the customer wants answering.  If you speak to their pain point or help with their problem, they will buy your goods or services.  





All the SEO action that happens away from your website (and is equally important!). At this point, you’ll already have an awesome website and other sites will want to send traffic to it. This can be done by working with bloggers who recommend your company, influencer marketing (people who are ambassadors of your business, and share links to your website), and ensuring that your business is registered with directories and listings. A good place to start for the latter is with local newspapers, online telephone directories, and the big boys of course - Google My Business (GMB)