SEO, SEM Search Engine Optimisation


Okay, okay, we know you’ve heard this term A LOT. In a nutshell, search engine optimisation is the art of getting your website found on search engines. It combines things like keyword research (as mentioned in our services), as well as mobile-friendly website designs, page speed, and UX (user experience). We also look at page titles, internal links, and website structure in SEO as well - this is specifically known as On-Page SEO.



All the SEO action that happens away from your website (and is equally important!). At this point, you’ll already have an awesome website and other sites will want to send traffic to it. This can be done by working with bloggers who recommend your company, influencer marketing (people who are ambassadors of your business, and share links to your website), and ensuring that your business is registered with directories and listings. A good place to start for the latter is with local newspapers, online telephone directories, and the big boys of course - Google My Business (GMB)



An amazing 70% of people search for local businesses at least once a month; yet up to 56% do not even claim a listing - let alone optimise it and leverage upon it. Google My Business is the number one free directory and of great waste if not used to its full potential. (And did we mention that it’s a free tool?!). GMB ensures that customers can find you at the very top of the search results, on Google Maps, and use their phones to direct them to your front door.  This should be the place where reviews are harvested and responded to, where images and videos are posted, and where business announcements are made. Google will reward you for this, ten-fold.