Social Media

Social Media Support

The important thing is to discover where your ideal audience hangs out online before you start wasting time and money pushing out content on a platform where your audience is not spending time.

Then the content can be tailored to that audience and platform.

LinkedIn – This is not just a job app. It is a powerful networking tool where senior buyers, VA's, PA's, bookers, company directors do their networking.

Facebook– A perfect platform for marketing your hospitality or bricks-and-mortar premises, but let's not put all our eggs in one basket - what if you solely relied on Facebook and it crashed for a week, or your page was reported and banned.

Instagram – For any business that has a product or service to sell, whether that's B2C or B2B.

Other Social Media – Twitter, Pinterest, Clubhouse, TickTock, Snapchat. If your audience is hanging out there, we can give you a presence there.  But like we said at the start, don't waste your time if your audience is not hanging out there.  Some of this can be automated to still have a presence, particularly Twitter & Pinterest.