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Through our personalised approach and strategic digital campaigns, we have helped numerous clients achieve their business objectives and surpass their targets. Seeing their businesses flourish and witnessing their joyous reactions is what fuels our passion for webb marketing.

"I can highly recommend what Craig Webb Marketing can offer your business. Craig is the most amazing knowledgeable and professional skilled person you would wish to handle your business to, he is very helpful and kind. I am very grateful to have known Craig, with his exceptional experienced background, he can understand your needs and develop your business into a higher level. You won't regret having him in your life."

Yorkshire Holiday House

"Craig was super helpful on a call I just had with him. It was detailed and unhurried. I felt heard and he addressed all my concerns with great answers and a plan that I can understand and take forward. He explained everything in a way that was easy to grasp and I now feel far less overwhelmed and like I just want to get on and implement everything. It all feels so doable now! Thank you Craig. I so appreciate you."

Adele York

"Contacted Craig for SEO help after building a website for our holiday let. Learnt alot just from our conversation. asked Craig to do a full SEO website audit which was excellent value for money. I now have a comprehensive plan of what I need to do to improve my SEO and hopefully be higher ranked in goggle searches. Would definitely recommend Craig and will be using him again in the future. Thank you Craig!"

Faith Costley

"We dialled into a Zoom call during lockdown when Craig was presenting the benefits of working better with Google Business and were immediately impressed by his benefits driven and common sense approach. After the call, we contacted him immediately to help us out. He has worked with us the past few months, often autonomously as we haven't had much time to dedicate to him. He is professional, easy to work with and has helped make a difference to our business at a time when doing better on the web is more important than ever. Thanks Craig."

La Villa Hotel Mombaruzzo

"In the short time since I have had the honor of meeting Craig, I can say that he is a positive person who has extensive experience in the Hospitality business and selflessly shares them in the FB group Restaurant Industry Networking Group - RING. In the FB group, we are people of different profiles in the Hospitality business. Craig has managed to connect us despite our diversity and add value to our business, no matter what level we are at. If you want to keep up with the times of digitalization and get more than just a mentor, I advise you to definitely contact Craig."

Martin Šeberle

"If you are a looking for someone that understands business then Craig Webb is your man. He has been instrumental to a lot of our success last year. If you are a looking for someone trustworthy, that is super creative and a leader in his field then I encourage you to work with Craig."

ibooked online

"Since Meeting Craig, he has fundamentally changed how I think about marketing my holiday cottages in the Cotswolds. Starting with very little understanding of how social media could be used as part of brand building and driving potential guests to my website, he has started from scratch with my business - setting up my Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts in a way that will attract more direct bookings. He gives me clear, structured advice and pushes me to think outside the box. Without his help, my business would be behind the curve, unnoticeable. I’m looking forward to working with Craig as I grow my business and start see the results of the campaign he has launched for me and my business. I would highly recommend if you need a structured, experienced mentor to take your hospitality business to the next level. "

Louise Harvey

"Craig is a go-getter - that's what I like about him. No excuses just get on with things. Craig joined the Boostly Academy not for the immediate benefit of him, but for the Bespoke group. Through what he learned, he has realised that he's one smart button and is now showing others how to do the amazing work he does when it comes to marketing and systems. One to watch out for 100%!"

Mark Simpson

"I've worked successfully with Craig many times over the years. He is a highly experienced and incredibly knowledgable General/Area Manager. His skills, and the fact that his Hotels run like clockwork with happy teams, made my job as a recruiter so much easier. I was always confident that anyone I placed in one of Craig's properties would get the development opportunities they need to better themselves and the care and attention that is absolutely essential when creating and managing motivated and engaged teams. I wholeheartedly recommend Craig as a genuine expert in Hospitality and an ultimate professional."

Nicholas Mascellani

"Craig is an enthusiastic and a committed GM and a joy to work with. He has helped and inspired our Hospitality and Events degree students greatly by sharing his knowledge and experience with them. He has also helped me as a lecturer gain a better understanding of the Hospitality and Events Industry. I would whole heartedly recommend him."

Shabana Sumra

"I had the pleasure to work with Craig in Art Hotels whilst covering as Interim Hotel Manager at The Spread Eagle Hotel in Thames over the Christmas period in 2011. I am ever so thankful to Craig for providing the needed support in a very busy time at the property and for the guidance received due to his senior experience within the group. Craig is fun to work with, reliable, accurate, fair and fast thinking. I have witnessed moments of high pressure within the group in which Craig demonstrated to all what a leader is made of: strength, respect, integrity and setting the right example for all to follow. I recommend Craig highly and wish him all the best in his career."

Giuseppina Solinas BA Hons MIH

"Craig is a passionate GM and is a pleasure to work with and recruit for. We have had a excellent working relationship since 2006 which has helped me understand what Craig looks for in a quality candidate."

Lee Morris

"Craig is a true hotelier, committed to customer satisfaction and management of his team. He has taken on many students from us on work placement. We recommend him. Frederick"

Frederick Young

Stephanie Fisher

Stephanie Fisher

General Manager, Cityglen Pub Co

Thanks so much for your help and support with Google. Your words of wisdom have got my listing in to the top 3 & significantly increased visibility. I will no doubt be in touch with more questions as they arise.

Martin Šeberle

Martin Šeberle

Owner / Operator, Apartma Vinska Trta, hiška blizu Terme Čatež

In the short time since I have had the honor of meeting Craig, I can say that he is a positive person who has extensive experience in the Hospitality business and selflessly shares them in the FB group Restaurant Industry Networking Group – RING. In the FB group, we are people of different profiles in the Hospitality business. Craig has managed to connect us despite our diversity and add value to our business, no matter what level we are at. If you want to keep up with the times of digitalization and get more than just a mentor, I advise you to definitely contact Craig.

Stingray Villa

Stingray VIlla

I had the pleasure of working with Craig Webb from Webb Marketing for a comprehensive website audit, and I must say it was an incredibly valuable experience. From start to finish, Craig demonstrated his expertise, professionalism, and dedication to helping our online business succeed.

First and foremost, Craig’s knowledge of digital marketing and website optimization is unparalleled. He thoroughly analyzed our website, leaving no stone unturned. His keen eye for detail enabled him to identify areas where we could improve user experience, increase conversions, and enhance overall performance. The insights he provided were incredibly valuable and exceeded our expectations.

Not only did Craig deliver an outstanding audit report, but he also took the time to explain his findings in a clear and concise manner. He patiently answered all our questions, ensuring we fully understood the recommended strategies and their potential impact on our business. His ability to break down complex concepts into understandable terms was commendable.

What truly sets Craig apart is his genuine passion for helping businesses thrive online. It was evident throughout the entire process that he genuinely cared about our success. He went above and beyond by providing personalized recommendations tailored to our specific goals and industry. His insights were actionable, practical, and backed by years of experience in the field.

Furthermore, Craig’s professionalism and excellent communication skills made working with him a breeze. He was always responsive, prompt, and reliable. Whenever we had a question or needed clarification, he was there to assist us promptly. Craig’s commitment to delivering exceptional customer service truly stood out.

Overall, I cannot recommend Craig Webb and Webb Marketing highly enough. If you’re looking for a dedicated digital marketing expert to help you optimize your website and drive results, look no further. Craig’s expertise, attention to detail, and genuine passion for his work make him the ideal partner for any online business.

Thank you, Craig, for your outstanding audit and your commitment to helping us succeed. We look forward to implementing your recommendations and witnessing the positive impact they will have on our business!

Dan Vant

Founder, iBookedOnline.com

Craig helped me sort out my Google My Business listing, explained why it was important to have it and use it, and now my business receives regular visits from my google my business listing.

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Cotswold Magic Carpets

Answers to
Your Questions

What website platforms do you work with and recommend

Like with everything ‘it depends’ is a good place to start. As a general guide we would say that if you need a larger more poerful website that the technology is kept up to date then you shold choose a WordPress site. If you are looking to sell a few goods, and converting browsers into buyers, we like 1-2-3 Reg.com. If you need a small to medium sized site and it is important to you that you can amend content yourself then Wix is a really good option.

What Regions to do you cover?

Being digital we can literally cover anywhere in the English speaking world. We have clients in Australia, United States, and all across the UK.

How long are your contracts?

We offer 1 off audits, where there is no contract at all, and we also offer help to get you started or get your ship in order. Thise really needs to be 4 months to work through most of what is required. We can then do a rolling contract with 2 months notice on either side.

What types of businesses do you help, with their online presence and digital marketing?

We have yet to come accross a business we cannot help. These include business selling online products or services, security, maintenance, and recruitment staffing solutions. With over 30 years in the hotel, hospitapilty and Short Term Rental sector we have extensive knowledge of marketing to this audience.

How much involvement is required from us?

You dont really need to do much. At the start their is a little work from your side to get us set up and access to your website or social media accounts. We will also ask about your target audience and competitors, but after that we mostly get on with things ourselves. You can have input if you like, and thats great. We do require more input if we are managing your social media pages because we need to know about your new products or services, we need to receive regulr images or content, and we need to knwo what you are working on next. For social media management we do need regular contact.

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