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In today’s digital world, keeping your website safe and accessible is crucial. To achieve this, website hosting plays a significant role in providing a secure storage location for your website’s data. It acts as a virtual fortress to protect everything from visual elements to databases. Webb Marketing hosting services offer reliable servers that can adapt to your website’s requirements, ensuring fast loading times and an exceptional user experience.

Trying to host a website on your personal computer can be unrealistic. Websites require dedicated and secure servers that can handle different levels of traffic and data storage. Our hosting solutions can seamlessly scale up to accommodate additional files and surges in web traffic without any downtime. At the same time, we prioritise fast loading times to ensure an enjoyable browsing experience for your visitors.

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Advanced Security Monitoring

All data on your site is secured and compliant with the highest international standards.

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Automatic Website Hosting Setup

Your free website hosting is automatically set up once you’ve published your website.

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99.9% Website Uptime

Enjoy enterprise-grade reliability so your website is always up and running on our secure and stable networks.

Website Hosting Plans and Pricing

Choose from our Basic, Premium, or Enterprise plans, each tailored to your specific needs. Opt for annual billing on any plan and receive two months free, maximising your value and minimising your worries.

All website hosting plans include backups, security and use green energy as standard.

We host many clients already!

40 Websites

500+ Projects

99.9% Uptime

Webb Marketing offers reliable, fast, and secure website hosting services. Our infrastructure can handle up to ~100,000 visits per month, without compromising loading speed. We provide daily backups, enhanced security, and SSL to protect your online presence, optional CDN (if you have international web traffic), email migration, and unlimited databases.

Our services are designed to support e-commerce platforms and managed WordPress hosting, with tools to facilitate growth and innovation. With out-of-the-box caching, your website’s performance is always at its peak, ensuring a seamless browsing experience.

Your site is also backed up in Siteground and Manage WP. So if we are locked out of one or a fatal error occurs, there is always a backup to restore in the other.

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Web Hosting FAQs

Learn the commonly asked questions about web hosting to gain insights and make informed decisions about your online presence.

Using the same company to look after your website management, SEO and social media means that if something goes wrong, there is just 1 point of contact to fix things.

What makes Webb Marketing's web hosting service different from others?

We offer high-speed, secure, and reliable website hosting, with locally hosted servers, daily backups, and enhanced security features. We also match 100% of our energy usage with renewable sources.

How much does your website hosting service cost, and what does it include?

Our website hosting service costs £180 per year, with features such as unmetered traffic, free SSL, daily backups, free CDN, eCommerce-enabled platforms, and managed WordPress hosting.

How do you ensure the security of my website?

We offer free SSL, enhanced security protocols, and daily backups to safeguard your website against unauthorised access and potential threats.

Can I easily migrate my existing email setup to your hosting service?

Yes, we offer a free email migrator tool to make the transition seamless and hassle-free.

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