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Welcome to our Hospitality Digital Marketing Hub!  For free marketing tips and advice.

At Webb Marketing, we understand the importance of creating exceptional experiences for guests and ensuring the smooth operation of hospitality businesses.

Our comprehensive hospitality digital marketing solutions are designed to help you excel in the dynamic and competitive industry.  

With 32 years in the hospitality industry, 17 as a hotel general manager with the UK’s largest independent hotel operator (Bespoke Hotels), you could say Craig has a bit of experience in the hotel and hospitality sector.  This includes vast experience in the hotel, wedding, restauarnt and bar sectors.  As well as hotels with spa.

In the past 13 years of his career, Craig took his experience and went into learning, implementing and teaching all things to do with hospitality digital marketing.  It started with being found through online directories, then social media, then basic SEO, technical SEO until before he knew it he was running a hospitality digital marketing agency.  This was set up during lockdown, but afterwards Craig went back to the hotels for a further 2 years and helped with the weddings, events and backlog of bookings caused by the pandemic.

Webb Marketing continued with just Craig in February 2023, but now includes 4 Virtual Assistants and a client social media manager.

Harnessing Hospitality Digital Marketing:
Navigate Beyond OTAs and Retain Your Customer Relations

Most hospitality businesses have fallen into the trap of relying solely on the Online Travel Agent’s to deliver their bookings.  Now they are beholden to them to the point where the OTA’s often dictate, rates, policies, payment terms, customer relationship and more.  Currently the OTA commission is around 15%.  That is 50% of your profit.  Amazon charge sellers around 60% commission for a sale.  So don’t think that 15% is where it will end.  Take ownership of the customer journey, own the customer data, and take back control of your business.

We have loaded some free hospitality marketing resources and checklists to utilise and get your hospitality digital marketing journey off the ground.  With hospitality digital marketing you don’t need to be everywhere, but you do need to be where your customers are.

When we say ‘hospitality’ what do we mean?

As a team our previous hands-on experience is in the hotel, restaurant, events and spa background.  We have realised the the short-term-rental sector is a little behind hotels in their approach to digital marketing.  Some people refer to it as their Airbnb business, or serviced accommodation, or property rentals.  It is all generally the same approach to hospitality digital marketing.

So in the hospitality sector we now cover digital marketing for hotels, spas, wedding venues and all short term rental or serviced accommodation.

Use the OTA’s to Your Advantage

  • By all means use the OTA’s to help you get bookings.  But why keep availability open when you know you will fill peak dates?
  • Ask me how you can legitimatley obtain customer contact details on autopilot, to build your own database.
  • Open your shop window on the OTA’s but ensure the customer returns as a regular shopper direct with you.
Hospitality Digital Marketing Agency

Own the Customer Relationship

  • Guests should book on your terms, after all it is your property, you make the rules, not an overseas company deciding on your behalf.
  • Sign the customer up to your database, and entice them back, time and again.
  • Have more control over the review process and where those reviews are left.
  • You decide the price, the package, the length of stay, NOT the OTA.
Hospitality Marketing Hospitality

Have a Robust Room Rate Strategy

  • Analyse historical data to ascertain your peaks and troughs.
  • Plot local events, that are likely to drive demand.
  • Build a competitor-set and check their rates carefully.
  • Set your minimum length of stay policies for peak dates.
  • Create irresistable packages and offers that are only available when booking direct with you.

Discover the Difference with Our Hospitality Digital Marketing Solutions

At Webb Marketing, it all started in Hospitality.  We know all about using the Online Travel Agents to your advantage, when to use them, and when not to use them.  Whether it is for hotels, Short Term Rentals, Serviced Accommodation or Contractor Accommodation, we can help with managing all of your booking channels and how to optimise them.  Moreover we work with a fantastic team of revenue managers that can help you build your rate strategy for long-term success.

Proven Track Record

Our portfolio speaks for itself. Over the years, we have successfully partnered with numerous hospitality establishments, ranging from boutique hotels to large resorts and everything in between. Our track record of delivering measurable results and driving sustainable growth through hospitality digital marketing is a testament to our expertise and dedication.

Strategic Planning and Consulting

We go beyond day-to-day operations and take a strategic approach to your business. Our experienced consultants work closely with you to assess your current position, identify opportunities, and develop actionable plans for long-term success. From market analysis and competitive positioning to revenue optimisation and expansion strategies, we are with you every step of the way.

Revenue Management Excellence

Maximising revenue and optimising profitability is at the core of our hospitality management philosophy. Our revenue management experts employ sophisticated strategies, data analysis, and industry insights to optimise pricing, occupancy rates, and distribution channels. With our guidance, you can unlock untapped revenue potential and stay ahead of market trends.

Seamless Operations

Smooth and efficient operations are the backbone of any successful hospitality business. Our operations management solutions are designed to streamline processes, enhance productivity, and improve guest satisfaction. We focus on implementing best practices, leveraging technology, and training your staff to deliver exceptional service consistently.

Exceptional Guest Experiences

We understand that unforgettable guest experiences are the key to building a loyal customer base. Our guest services approach centers around personalised attention, anticipating needs, and creating memorable moments. We work closely with your team to ensure the promises made through your digital marketing match yourservice service standards, and align with the target audience you wish to attract.

Innovation and Adaptability

The hospitality industry is ever-evolving, and we are at the forefront of change. We embrace innovation and leverage emerging technologies to drive success. From implementing smart hotel solutions to incorporating sustainability practices, we help you stay ahead of the curve and meet the evolving expectations of modern travelers.

SEO For Direct Bookings

SEO for hospitality is a game-changer, aiding in driving direct, commission-free bookings. By optimising your website for relevant keywords, enhancing site speed, and improving user experience, you heighten your site’s visibility on search engines. This organic visibility cultivates trust with potential guests, steering them to book directly, thus saving on hefty OTA commissions. 

PR & Reputation Management

We understand that replying to reviews can be time consuming, and sometimes emotional too.  You put your heart and soul into crafting the perfect guest experience, only for a guest to slate you online.  Let us take care of the replies, in a professional way that builds trust, uses keywords, and help maintain your reputation and encourage bookings in the future.

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Digital Marketing for hospitality of course!

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