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Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

Search Engine Optimisation SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the practice of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s organic results.

In plain speak that means making sure your website appears as high up on first page as possible.

This is achieved through various techniques starting with thorough keyword research, on-page optimisation, off-page optimisation, and technical SEO.

That’s all well and good.  The key to SEO is getting the right keywords in front of the right customer that matches the users search intent.  We are looking for the right kind of website trafic, not just vanity numbers.

When you are starting a new website and traffic volume is low, SEO takes time so you can accelerate your start with paid Google or Facebook ads.



Comprehensive SEO Strategies: 
Making Your Website a Revenue-Generating Machine

Keyword research involves identifying the relevant and high-traffic keywords that users search for, and optimising the website’s content with those keywords. On-page optimisation includes optimising the website’s content, metadata, and URL structure to make it more search-engine friendly.  We then mix that with similar words and phrases so your website really gives the answer the browser is looking for.

Off page optimisation involves building high-quality backlinks from other websites to increase the website’s authority and credibility.  This can be on social media, blog pages, directories and business listings as well as journalists and authors linking to your site as it is a trusted recource.

Technical SEO involves optimising the website’s technical aspects such as site speed, mobile responsiveness, and crawlability to ensure that the website is easily accessible and user-friendly for search engines and of course the actual browser!

By implementing effective SEO strategies, businesses can improve their website’s search engine rankings, drive more traffic to their website, and ultimately increase their online visibility and revenue.

Once we have the pages working well, we can then start thinking about supplementing our websites content and showing our expertise though blog writing.  Here are the benefits of blog writing-

  1. Content Relevancy and Value: Blog writing allows for the creation of relevant, valuable content which is favored by search engines, helping to improve your site’s ranking and visibility on search results pages.
  2. Keyword Optimisation: Through blogs, you can naturally integrate important keywords and phrases associated with your business, enabling search engines to better understand the content and services you provide.
  3. Backlink Opportunities: Quality blog posts can attract backlinks from reputable sites, which boosts your site’s authority and improves its position in search engine rankings, enhancing overall SEO performance.

In hospitality SEO some great blog subjects aim to promote you as the leading authority on travel to your area for your target market.

OK, OK we said we were not going to get technical.  Let’s briefly summarise this.

‘We will make your website work properly, be found, and convert sales’.  Is that what you were looking for?

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Harnessing Search Engine Optimisation to Propel Your Hospitality Venture’s Online Visibility

The Problem: Your website is a virtual doorway to your business, yet many potential customers might not even know you exist. If your site is languishing in the abyss of search engine results, it’s akin to having a swanky storefront in a ghost town. The Visibility Dilemma is real and could be costing your business dearly.

The digital realm is a cacophony, with every business vying for the top spot in search rankings. Without the right expertise, your website could be a needle in the online haystack. It’s not just about having a beautiful website; it’s about making it visible to those who matter. Missing out on a robust SEO strategy is like throwing a fabulous party but forgetting to send out invites.

The Solution: We’re not here to inundate you with jargon but to equip your website with the jetpack it needs to soar through the search rankings. Our SEO services are tailored to identify the unique selling propositions of your hospitality business and make it resonate with the right audience at the right time. Let’s transform your website from being a well-kept secret to the talk of the digital town. Our tried-and-true SEO strategies are your ticket to sustained traffic, higher engagement, and a notable uptick in bookings, all sans the hefty commissions to third-parties. Ready to unlock the full potential of your website? Your journey towards dominating the digital space starts here.

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