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Are you feeling overwhelmed with your digital marketing efforts? Do the terms SEO, Social Media, and Online Advertising make your head spin? That’s the Problem many businesses face today.

You’re not alone, and the good news is – we are here to help. We at Webb Marketing Services take the weight of digital marketing off your shoulders and provide you with the clear, concise and results-driven solutions that you need. We offer a holistic approach to online marketing – be it SEO, social media management, content marketing, or pay per click online advertising, we are equipped with the skills and tools necessary to get your business noticed online. That’s the Solution we offer.

Remember, in this digital age, a strong online presence isn’t just a luxury, it’s an absolute necessity. And your digital success is just one click away. Don’t let your business get lost in the online crowd. That’s the Action we urge you to take.

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Answers to
Your Questions

What website platforms do you work with and recommend

Like with everything ‘it depends’ is a good place to start. As a general guide we would say that if you need a larger more poerful website that the technology is kept up to date then you shold choose a WordPress site. If you are looking to sell a few goods, and converting browsers into buyers, we like 1-2-3 If you need a small to medium sized site and it is important to you that you can amend content yourself then Wix is a really good option.

What Regions to do you cover?

Being digital we can literally cover anywhere in the English speaking world. We have clients in Australia, United States, and all across the UK.

How long are your contracts?

We offer 1 off audits, where there is no contract at all, and we also offer help to get you started or get your ship in order. Thise really needs to be 4 months to work through most of what is required. We can then do a rolling contract with 2 months notice on either side.

What types of businesses do you help, with their online presence and digital marketing?

We have yet to come accross a business we cannot help. These include business selling online products or services, security, maintenance, and recruitment staffing solutions. With over 30 years in the hotel, hospitapilty and Short Term Rental sector we have extensive knowledge of marketing to this audience.

How much involvement is required from us?

You dont really need to do much. At the start their is a little work from your side to get us set up and access to your website or social media accounts. We will also ask about your target audience and competitors, but after that we mostly get on with things ourselves. You can have input if you like, and thats great. We do require more input if we are managing your social media pages because we need to know about your new products or services, we need to receive regulr images or content, and we need to knwo what you are working on next. For social media management we do need regular contact.

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