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Business handover information page

Seamlessly Transitioning Your SEO and Web Hosting Services from Laurels Tech to Webb Marketing for Continued Support

We understand that you may have questions about this transition, so we have created some FAQ’s and bullet points below.

Please feel free to use the link to book a 30-minute call in the buttons provided.

You are on this page either because you are a client of Laurels Tech (Phil Tester), or you have been redirected here from his website.

If you are a current client, do read through the information below, to tell you about the business transition.

If you are a new client looking for SEO, website or digital marketing services, please get in touch for a quote.



A team of experts on hand to help with your website and updates.  We will make optimisation changes each and every month to improve your website speed and visibility.

Reach out for us to help on other projects such as brand & logo design, social media marketing, content marketing, blog writing and more.



We invest in the best professional plug-ins and software tools to help optimise your website.  Meaning we can track your keywords, your competitors keywords, keep your site fast, and give the best user experience.

Craig has worked in Hospitality for over 30 years, he understands your needs.



Full public liability insurance which insures us in the event of a cyber attack and loss of your customer data.

DesignRush top 10 SEO company.

Approved Boostly🚀 supplier.

Approved Ibooked.Online supplier

Scale Rentals Speaker



Webb Marketing

We don’t guess, we strategise.

Phil & Craig have known each other for a number of years, they have mixed in the same hospitality circles, and Facebook Groups.  Many of you will know both of us already through these same groups, where we have both been on hand to help people with their digital marketing or SEO questions.

With Phil’s imminent retirement we will continue to give you at least the same care and attention that Phil provided.

Phil Tester Laurel Tech

Phil Tester (RIP)

About Us - Craig Webb - Ex Hotleir - Digital Marketer

Craig Webb

Answers to
Your Questions

What Software do you use?

Our keyword tracking and linkbuilding software is Ubersuggest and SEMRush.

For image optimisation we use Imagify.

Technical SEO we use WP Rocket.

On Page SEO Plugin we use Rankmath.

For analytics we use Google Monster Insights, GA4 and Search Console.

Have you had a handover?

Phil and Craig have discussed the clients needs at length, and Phil will be available for Craig after the 1st of August in case there are any questions.

We are meeting each week before then to iron out any logisitics too.

Who are some of your current customers?

Most of our other customers are also in Hospitality, including in the UK a restaurant, two long stay serviced accommodation businesses and a 4 star spa hotel. In the US clients include 2 family resorts, luxury vacation homes and a log cabin vacation rental business.

We also have clients in the recruitment industry, security services, carpet cleaning, and a drinks brand.

Do you know about channel managers and OTA's?

With 17 years in the hotel industry I know all about the 3rd party websites, and the channel managers that they interface with.

I have worked with Siteminder, Guesty, Tokeet and Zeevou.

If you require help with 3rd party sites or channel managers, please ask.  

We also work with a revenue management expert who can put a revenue and rate strategy in place for you.

Do I need to do anything?

Not much really.  We will try take care of everything.  You will of course need to change payment details from Laurels Tech to Webb Marketing.  I will send bank details more securely. You can pay by DD, Stripe or Wise.  If you are overseas Wise is by far the most cost effective for everyone, let me know if you need a link.

We will be in touch soon to ask you some questions to get to know you and your business better.

For example it helps to know who your competitors are, your property type and who your ideal target audience is.  This helps us use focus keywords to rank your property for your preferred customer demographic.

What will change for current Laurels Tech customers?

You should not really notice a difference.  As a larger agency it does mean we have more professional tools at our disposal and a wider pool of experts to answer questions or help you.

The only difference you will notice is that you will pay Webb Marketing Services Ltd, rather than Laurels Tech.

You may get an email notification from your webhost that a new user has been added to access your site.

Otherwise, we hope to continue improving your website performance, authority, visitors and leads.

Will prices increase?

I don’t believe so no.  My only concern right now is whether Webb Marketing becomes VAT registered in early 2024, my accountant is keeping me up to date, but this may not happen at all, as Webb marketing and Laurels Tech have many clients in the US which is excluded from VATable income.

Some clients have legacy fees, which may need to be reviewed but we would rather have any increases as ‘optional extras’.  We are fully aware that most of the Laurels Tech customers are small businesses like us, so we will do our very best to avoid this.

What other services do you offer?

Webb Marketing already offer the following (not necessarily included in your current package)-

What we will also offer-

  • Website Domain Registraion
  • Email Hosting
  • Digital marketing training
  • Gift voucher sales on automation


What website platforms do you work with?

Our favoured website platform is WordPress, because we are able to add plugins to help design and optimise the site.  There are also many other plugins available to adapt the site and add functionality in the future if required.

We are also well versed with Wix websites.  These are clean, easy to put together and really good at being ‘mobile responsive’.

If you have an online store, then a great platform is 123-reg.

We have also used Squarespace for a number of clients.  It works well, but there are limiations with what we can do for SEO.


Do you undertake charity work?

We already support a charity in the hospitality sector called the ‘Blue Badge Access Awards‘.  This charity is focused on improving accessiblity to leisure, tourism and hospitality for those with disabilities.


We wish to continue phil’s good work

Let’s Continue to

Build This Thing Together!